The popularity of Andrometh 50 Thaiger Pharma has increased for its effectiveness. This is a very popular steroid manufactured by Thaiger Pharma. This bears the features of anabolic-androgenic effects. For its anabolic effects this is very appreciated by the bodybuilders. They use this to gain muscles and body weight. The presence of androgenic effects reflects the fact of having the male hormone testosterone. This supplement is unique having the methandienone which confirms the strong effects of anabolic and androgenic effects on the user.

It is very accepted among the bodybuilders. It has a vivid result if it is taken properly. The weekly gain of muscle mass within the first four to six week after the starting of the suppliments is around 2 kg. This has a very speedy mechanism of action in the body. It is suggested to have Andrometh 50 with the testosterone to gain the muscles mass within the few weeks. To be stronger it can be taken with stanozolol or oxandrolone. This is not useful for the first time steroid users. The maximum duration of using it should not exceed four to six weeks.


To have the proper product this is very vital to know from which source you can get the best quality product. And the answer is long years of experience help them to be the best in the field of steroids. They have huge stocks that give the affirmation of availability of the product. You can get your product at the cheaper rate then the market price. They always think about your fitness and sell only the high quality products that are most suitable for you. They are ready to assist you at the every step of your dealing.
So, if you are interested in the having Andrometh 50, then  is the most reliable website.




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